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Going to the gym unprepared in the future? That won't happen to you again with this (fill-in-the-blanks) fitness weekly schedule!

Product benefits

The Fitness Weekly Schedule is divided into several categories:

  • Weekly schedule
  • Daily schedule
  • Subcategories: Date/Muscle group/Cardio/Sets/Exercise/Weight/Repeats/Time/Notes

Setting goals and focusing on certain muscle groups offers a great way to achieve whatever your focus is, whether that is losing weight, gaining weight or becoming more muscular. This document will help you take the right steps.

Product features

  • Weekly planning, daily planning and notes clearly arranged on 1 sheet

MS Office 365

The Excel document is an MS Office 365 document. To be opened and used on any device running this software. Convenient, as most devices come with Excel by default.

How to receive

The file is available via a direct access link, which you will receive via e-mail. No PDFs or physical copies. The file has no password, so you can open and edit it immediately after downloading.

How to use the Fitness Weekly Schedule

Open the document using the access link received. Save the document to your computer/device by pressing 'File' (in the top left corner) and then choosing 'Save as'. The document has been put together so simply that even people who have never used planners or Excel sheets can get started within minutes.

TIP. Save two copies of the document: 1 copy that you leave empty (and can reuse every week/month/year by making another copy of the file) AND 1 copy that you work in for the coming week.

A one-time purchase: fun for the rest of your life!

Can I share the product with others?

The product may only be used by the buyer. Under no circumstances may the product be shared or (re)sold to third parties.

More questions?

More questions and answers can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


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